What we do…

We help organizations plan and deliver successful conferences, conventions and events in Canada (we have offices in Ottawa and Toronto), the USA, and Europe. In addition to planning these events, our company also provides parallel communications services to help our clients, including web design, graphic design, sponsorship solicitation, and lead generation. We also provide site selection services offering you the expertise of a seasoned conference managed professional at no cost.


Whether you have been tasked with planning the next annual general meeting, corporate convention, board meeting or gala dinner anywhere in the world, we can help! Need to schedule a meeting in Europe, yep – we do that! Africa, Asia, North or South America – we do that too! We’ve led countless clients through the venue RFP and planning process.We’re always happy to help make sense of project plans, critical paths, budgets and supplier negotiations.

Communication Services

Unlike other event management firms, we provide several communications services in-house to save our clients both time and money. We provide web development services (think conference web and registration sites), graphic design (convention programs, posters, signage), as well as social media, online marketing and lead generation.

Ottawa Event Planner

We can help you with some or all of the following services:

Online registration
Accreditation services
Media management
Project management
Critical path development
Budget development
Site / venue selection
Trade shows
Contract negotiation

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